‘SUPP. Cheap Easy Meal Ideas.

Are the recipes difficult to prepare?

No! Each recipe is developed with the college student or “young” cook in mind. They all have very few steps, use only about 5-7 ingredients and most of the recipes are under 30 minutes to prepare. By the time you dig around in the fridge for the stale pizza or run grab fast food … you could have a healthy home-cooked dinner. Oh and here’s the best part: YOU WILL ACTUALLY LEARN TO COOK AND WILL IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS!

What if I’m vegetarian or need to eat gluten free?

We’ve got you covered. We have a full line up of vegetarian options and tons of great recipes that don’t have a speck of wheat. Just look for the category code next to the recipe title to make sure you’re searching the right thing.

 I don’t know how to turn on my oven but I love to grill.

Yep, we get that. Heat up the grill, grab the grilling tools and get to work. We have tons of tasty, healthy recipes for al fresco cooking. Again, look for the category code.

What do I need to get started?

It’s pretty simple. First you need a few pots and pans (preferably with the teflon and handles still intact) and a nonstick skillet is a bonus. Other things you’ll need: Cooking spray, olive oil, coarse salt and freshly ground pepper (they have little pre-filled mills in the spice aisle), a little jar of minced garlic and a few spices like garlic salt, cumin, paprika, chili powder. Foil and ziptop bags are good to have on hand too.

Do you offer side dishes too?

When appropriate, a quick side like couscous or black beans is actually on the recipe. This helps make a complete meal. Also we suggest that you have some canned or frozen vegetables on hand to throw together.

How many people do your recipes serve?

Our recipes are for two servings. If you are just cooking for yourself, then you should wrap the other half in foil and have for lunch or dinner the next day. Keep in mind that our servings are good for hungry college students, so if you want to cut down the size, you can adjust. Once you get going and you’re such a pro in the kitchen, it will be second nature.

What if I’m super cool, rich and have sophisticated tastes?

Then you need to check out the Gourmet category. These recipes are a little more complicated, use more expensive ingredients and will make you look like a winner in the kitchen.

What if I have some cooking questions or need clarification on a recipe?

If your mom is tired of your phone calls, email or call us (877.606.6264). Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We can’t walk you through a Thanksgiving dinner but we can tell you how to do a lot of stuff.

What does the app look like?

Take a look at our screen shots of the app here.