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SUPP is easy, quick and will save you hundreds of dollars (and pounds) from fast food or ho-hum dinners. It’s an app (Iphone and Android) that gives you great easy dinner selections or you can search by category or recipe. We’ll give you a bevy of options including vegetarian and gluten free recipes for college students on a budget. Cheap Fast Dinner Recipes? No problem!

The app will be available through Itunes and Android and is $2.99. You can gift the app to a student or just quickly download it. The cost of the app is less than half of the cost of a gut-busting burrito or pizza!

How does it work?

Download the app and then each week, choose your dinner menus. Click on them, add them to your menu and off you go to the store. Follow the list of ingredients at the store and check off as you go. Already have an item, perfect … just check it off and keep movin’ down the aisle.

Each dinner serves 2 people so cook for two or have leftovers for lunch. Keep in mind that the portions are college-boy-sized so if you have a smaller appetite (or looking after the muffin top) then you’ll want to cut down the amount. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a master chef in no time.

Have some chicken breasts in the freezer? Search chicken breast and all of the recipes will pop up, choose what you want and add it to your list. You can plan for a week or a day, there’s no limit. 

The best part is we try to keep each dinner for 2 under 10 bucks and with only 5-7 ingredients. We don’t use expensive cuts of meats and you’ll begin to see the types of foods used so you’ll be able to stock up or reuse the same ingredient. For example, lots of recipes call for Parmesan cheese, so if you buy a big package, you can use it for a bunch of recipes. Same goes for chicken breasts, shredded cheese and ground beef. Clear out the freezer and get ready to cook healthy dinners on a dime and in no time!

There are lots of categories to help customize the recipes and you choose only what you want.


What do I need?

There are a few items you will need to get started. Basics like a few pots and pans are needed (toss in the nearest dumpster if the teflon is hanging on by a thread) and you’ll need some supplies like: cooking spray, olive oil, coarse salt and freshly ground pepper, a jar of minced garlic and one of those spice samplers is great too. Check out the entire pantry list here.