Easy College Dinner Recipes

Supp is cool. Supp feeds you and Supp will save you from stale pizza or ramen that’s been sitting in the cupboard from the last tenant. Supp is an app to help you cook GREAT food, on a dime and in no time!

Download the app, choose the SUPP SIMPLE recipes that you want to make for dinner for that night or really break out and plan dinner for a few nights. The grocery list is populated, you run to the store and you have dinner. That’s it. GREAT and EASY college dinner recipes at your fingertips.

You save money~you eat real food~ you learn to actually cook food that doesn’t taste like a cardboard box and pretty soon you’re the biggest winner on the block.

All recipes are 5-7 ingredients or less, they require very little prep time and few pots and pans. Choose your recipes, put them in your menu and the grocery list is the best part, you swipe things off your phone as you stroll the aisles of the store looking like a pro.

The recipes serve 2 people so if you are cooking for yourself then you have lunch for tomorrow. Each recipe doesn’t cost more than $7-$10.

Supp will get you out of the food rut, it will get you out of the fast food lane and it will turn you into a gourmet cook in a few weeks.

Supp is HOT, fast food is NOT.

See how it works here.